30 Day Free Trial – Cloud Backup

Test our service in your true working environment and see that it meets our claims

Our 30 day free trial is our full service with no limitation
Our trial carries no obligation and no financial details are required

Towards the end of your trial..

As the free trial period draws to a close you will be informed of the cost should you wish to continue and if so will be invoiced for your first quarterly period
If on the other hand you decide it is not what you need or is too expensive, you can simply cancel and we will remove your account and encrypted data from our servers.

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Why you should choose Cirrus IT Services (UK) Limited as your online backup service provider:

We are a UK company and store your data in UK data centres.
Our technical support is UK based.
Your data is fully encrypted and protected even before it leaves your computer.
Our fully managed and monitored service is unrivalled.

File, Exchange & SQL Scheduled Backup & Restore

Protect your files and application data against deletion, loss, corruption etc.
Ideal for laptops, PCs and servers.
Scheduled online data backup for small to large companies

Image Backup Hardware Independent Baremetal Protection

Full disaster recovery solution for PCs and servers where up-to-date disk images are maintained off-site
Completely secure and configurable

Free Initial Backup via Secure Hard Drive Free of charge

Completely secure, Courier Delivery
If you’re a business user and have a large amount of data to backup or you’re on a slow internet connection…
…we’ve got that covered!

We’ll send you a USB hard drive by courier
Copy your encrypted backup to our drive and send it back to us
We will manually transfer your encrypted data
Backups can then proceed over your internet connection
This service is free of charge and we’ll help you along the way