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Latest Update 21/10/2015 @ 20:45 – Many Items sold, many remaining items reduced to clear

Previous Updates

UPDATED 02/09/2015 @ 21:30 – Server Prices and Quantities Updated, New Telephony Items added.

UPDATED 18/08/2015 @ 17:20 – Added, Networking Equipment, Climate monitors, ATi Media Converters and some quantities of existing items increased as new stock arrived.

UPDATED 11/08/2015 @ 15:05 – New Server Components and Computer Components added (mainly Hard Drives)

UPDATED 08/08/2015 @ 19:30 – New Items Added, Some Specs updated, some Quantities Increased

UPDATED 06/08/2015 @ 20:50 – New Items Added, Some Specs and prices updated

UPDATED 06/08/2015 @ 12:16 – Lots of items now sold, you may have to clear your browser cache to see the latest list if you have viewed the previous version recently.

Still to come:

Conferencing equipment, Miscellaneous Items.