Fully automated online backup for your files, application data and databases

Ideal for laptops, PCs and servers across Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. This is a totally secure and efficient solution for protecting your essential business data.

In addition to files, backup your Microsoft Exchange server and protect your business emails and calendar data etc.


High Speed Backup and Restore

Fulfilling the highest data and speed requirements.

Our customers demand their backups to be completed as quickly as possible. Our solution is highly optimised for speed and security. You can completely customise your backups such that no unnecessary data is backed up.

Secure & Reliable

Highest level of encryption and secure transfer

Your data is compressed and encrypted with 256-bit encryption before being uploaded and stays that way until you restore the file. Decryption of the data is only possible with the key that you specify upon installation of our software. Data is transfers over SSL (Secure Socket Layer), the same encryption that facilities the safe use of online banking.

We store your encrypted data in two data centres in different locations in the UK. The Tier 2 data centre’s we use feature exceptionally highly specified infrastructure in terms of security and performance.

Despite our heavy encryption and security, restoring data is always 100% successful as we also ensure data integrity throughout the backup process.

Backup Files, Folder, Databases, Email Applications and More

Secure everything that is crucial to your business

Once installed on your machine our software will allow you to specify any number of files and folders to be scheduled for backup.

In addition to folder and file backup, our software includes an extensive collection of modules that handle typical business critical applications. These include:

  • Microsoft Exchange Database
  • Microsoft Exchange Mailbox
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Database
  • Lotus Domino/Notes
  • MySQL
  • VMWare

Fully Configurable, Scheduled & Automatic

Full flexibility to define your own backup sets and schedules.

Create multiple backup sets. Each backup set has it’s own configuration. For example, schedule, encryption and retention and be different per backup job.

For desktop machines or server a daily schedule is often recommended, however, you have full flexibility to create backup sets and schedules that meet your Disaster Recover Plan (DRP).

Our Continuous Data Protection (CDP) monitors your selected files and folders such that incremental backups can be made whenever a change is made.

Easy to Managed and Use

Full-featured software interface and online portal

Easy to use Client. Modify settings easily within the client or via the web portal.

Login to our customer portal to check on how your backups are doing as well as check on and restore specific files or data.

Comprehensive Reporting

Relax we have it protected

  • Backup report emailed to you after each backup job
  • Easy summarised email
  • View the attachment for to see what was actually backed up.