Our Hosted Desktop solution makes your business’ critical documents
and applications accessible to all of your staff, anywhere in the world –
whilst being more safe and secure than local hardware or server

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Why Cirrus & Synextra?

Our Hosted Desktop solutions are powered by SmartStac – Synextra’s
bespoke cloud platform, that empowers your staff with blazing fast
performance and triple padlock security. Best of all however, Cirrus
and Synextra manage, maintain and support everything. 24/7/365.


Predictable OpEx, not expensive CapEx

You shouldn’t have to spend large amounts of capital to access enterprise grade hardware and software. With our Hosted Desktop solution, the traditional CapEx is replaced with a low and predictable monthly OpEx. Therefore, you can refresh your IT and improve productivity levels, without significant upfront investments.


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Remote access from anywhere, anytime and on any device

With remote access, your staff can work wherever they are, as long as they have an internet connection. So if their laptop dies during an important presentation, they can pick right up where they left off on their tablet or phone. Your staff can even use the devices they feel most comfortable with, which means they spend less time learning and more time working. It also saves your business money because you don’t have to invest in new hardware

All support is done by Cirrus & Synextra – 24/7

You shouldn’t be bogged down by troublesome IT. You have more important tasks at hand, such as growing your business and moving into new markets. That’s why our Hosted Desktop solution comes with 24/7 support and a guaranteed 4 hour SLA as standard, for critical faults. You will also have your own dedicated account manager to ensure everything runs smoothly from day one.

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How our Hosted Desktop is different

Our Hosted Desktop solutions differ from the competition because it takes the best elements of VDI and DaaS and combines them into the future of cloud computing. A cloud based desktop environment that’s as quick as bare metal hardware, without the cost, hassle or overheads associated with supporting such systems. And because we own all of the enterprise grade hardware that goes into our infrastructure, we can offer a blazing fast experience. Open complex programs and stream HD video instantly. This kind of performance, coupled with a stress-free experience just can’t be achieved with traditional VDI or DaaS solutions.

SmartStac Store – Keeps you working, even when you’re offline

With SmartStac Store, your Hosted Desktop can be securely mirrored onto your local hard drive – so if the worst happens and your Internet connection goes offline, you’re not out of action. Just load up your files locally and pick up where you left off.

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UK Based – secure and compliant

You are in complete control of your data and know that your company’s sensitive information will only ever be in Synextra’s UK based, ISO27001 and PCI DSS accredited data centres. So you get the peace of mind knowing that your sensitive information is more safe and secure than ever before.


One agile desktop for all

With our Hosted Desktop solution, the central server holds one image that’s updated and pushed to all devices instantly. This greatly reduces the time it takes to update and secure your workforce, whilst also ensuring business continuity. Therefore, you (and your IT department) are freed up for more important tasks. However, everyone in the company has different requirements. If specific users or groups of users need a unique application, this can be specified and rolled out with ease

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By utilising the power of the cloud and shifting processing onto our servers, old laptops and workstations are given a new lease of life. Staff no longer have to wait for files to load, boosting productivity levels across your company. Our agile and responsive Hosted Desktops can also scale up in line with your business – so you can remove the headache of head counts and office moves, whilst enabling growth and expansion.


Do you want to host your email server or have an old application you want to add? We can integrate finance software, CRM packages and more on the fly, or at the very beginning – because everything works better when it’s in one place. In fact, our Hosted Desktop is so flexible, it can accommodate everything on your current desktop and more. It really is the complete solution to cover all of your needs

Backups Included as Standard

Thanks to our Hosted Desktop solution, your company’s data is protected from loss, theft, hardware failure, fires or floods. Not only is your data stored securely in the cloud rather than on the device, but it’s also securely backed up on a constant basis. It’s even backed up to a second, equally secure data centre for geographic redundancy too. All as standard.

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