who we are


Why Cirrus?

Our company’s name comes from the name of a high-flying, non-rain bearing cloud and so accurately symbolises the aim and vision of our business. We strive to be “The High-Flying Cloud” company providing Communications, Cloud & IT Support, along with exceptional customer service as our priority, ensuring that there is nothing to dampen your spirits.

Cirrus at a glance

Cirrus IT Services (UK) Limited was born in May 2015 as a Cloud, IT & Communications company that could offer a single point of contact for the supply and support of most business technology needs.

Built on a core of “customer first” led values, customer service has always been our focus and has led to us gaining a fantastic reputation, progressed to us working with all sizes of businesses and becoming trusted partners in many local companies across every business vertical.

After years of being an IT Manager himself, our Managing Director wanted to offer businesses the same support and services that he would have like to have on hand when in their position.

Business managers are busy people, so knowing you have a trusted provider for your technology services and support can really help alleviate some of the pressures and stresses theses people face in these roles.

We were one of the first local providers to focus on an all-inclusive subscription-based service for support that incorporated security and protection in a predictable low monthly unit cost basis.

Our Managed Service Provider (MSP) model was quickly adopted by may other organisations in the same field as it makes sense to business leaders and avoids costly surprises in months where more support is needed.

Combining Communications with your IT requirements make sense as with modern communications systems, the infrastructure is now all the same. Combining the 2 can save costs and eliminates any uncertainty or dispute over areas of responsibility between your IT and your communications provider. One call to us and whether its an IT or telephony issue, we’re on the case!

Our latest communications platform now offers integration with many other systems to provide unified communications across all platforms, including Video, Web Chat, SMS, Voice & Fax with features like click to dial, CRM record linking and call journaling.

Our product portfolio expands base don demand and most recently we have been helping companies migrate infrastructure to the cloud and and to address Cyber Security concerns and assist in achieving compliance requirements.

We operate our business under these prinicples

  • Our idea from day one has been to provide the right solution for the customer, not what makes us the most profit
  • We strive for efficient, uncompromising, sincere, fabulous, caring and exceptional service – as close to perfect as possible!
  • We want to be the go-to place for all your IT & Communication needs
  • We want to stop you throwing your laptop through a window, which let’s face it, most of us feel like doing at some point (even us!)
  • We are excited about building strong relationships with everyone we interact with: our customers, our partners, our community, and our suppliers
  • We aim to provide a genuine, caring, great place to work
  • We want to be a place to learn. We strive to be a progressive force behind the adage “knowledge is power” so we invest in our staff, help them gain relevant qualifications and learn from experience
  • We want to be honest, if we’ve made a mistake we are going to tell you, even if we know you’re not going to like it. One of the most important things we have learnt working for other people is no matter how bad it is, the customer prefers the truth.