Internet Connectivity

Whatever your business needs, we offer all types of connectivity.

Most businesses rely on the Internet for website, social media and email as a minimum. Companies also use cloud computing for office systems, eCommerce, customer relationship management, connecting offices, remote working and more. Large retailer shops, restaurants, pubs and cafes provide reliable WiFi for their customers.

Types of Connectivity

Whatever your business needs, we offer all types of connectivity. Talk to us about traditional ADSL, Fibre Leased Lines and even Wireless connectivity in hard to reach places. Contact us to find out more about:

Fibre Based Leased Lines
The ultimate in connectivity options, unrivalled speed, not shared with other users and future proof.
EFM – Ethernet First Mile
Usually a second choice if Fibre is not available all the way to the premises.
FTTC – Fibre To The Cabinet
This is the technology used to supply most home based broadband connections.
This is the best low cost option for most small businesses.
GEA – Generic Ethernet Access
Using FTTC technology to supply a leased line , this is BT’s version of EoFTTC with guaranteed upload and download speeds.
EoFTTC – Ethernet Over FTTC
Usually supplied by TalkTalk Business this is similar to GEA with an SLA and better reliability to FTTC at an additional cost
MPLS – Multiprotocol Label Switching
This technology joins multiple locations together on the same network.  Similar to having a VPN between sites but on a dedicated connection that is not shared with other internet users.
FTTP – Fibre To The Premises
The ultimate low cost option, similar to FTTC but using Fibre all the way to the premises.  Still a shared connection but the best option if available. Limited availability in the UK presently but improving.
ADSL – Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
This was the most common form of connection before FTTC became available.
This uses copper all the way form the exchange to the premises so is usually the last option chosen if nothing better is available or if a cheaper less bandwidth hungry application is required.

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