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The Most Trusted Open Source Password Manager for Business

Bitwarden offers the easiest and safest way for teams and
individuals to store and share sensitive data from any device.

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Trusted Security

Your private information is protected with end-to-end encryption before it even leaves your device.

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Open Source Transparency

Trusted SecurityBitwarden source code, features, and infrastructure security are vetted and improved by our global community.

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Global Access

Access Bitwarden from anywhere,
with any platform, in 40 languages.

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Empower Your Team and Eliminate Vulnerabilities

Customize and control password requirements and administrative policies that will
empower employees to practice good password hygiene.

Monitor and manage security vulnerabilities using the Bitwarden Vault Health Reports
with actionable insights to exposed, reused, weak, or potentially compromised
passwords, as well as identify any items in your vault with inactive 2FA.

Secure cloud syncing features allow you and your team to access vault data from
anywhere, on any device

Bitwarden Send

A trusted way to securely share information directly with anyone.

  • Easily transmit text or files including passwords, billing credentials, or business documents fully encrypted
  • Share sensitive data within your Bitwarden Vault from any browser, mobile device, or desktop application
  • Set deletion times ensure your information does not stick around
Bitwarden Send

Bitwarden for Business Feature Highlights

Login with SSO

Leverage your existing Identity Provider to authenticate your Bitwarden Organisation users via SAML 2.0 or OpenID Connect (OIDC).

Role Based Access Control

Assign role-based access for Organisation users, including a custom role and granular permissions (e.g. Hide Passwords, Read-Only).

Directory Sync

Synchronize your Bitwarden Organization with your existing user directory.
Provision and deprovision users, groups, and group associations.

Web Application

Fully encrypted cloud web app at

Mobile Apps

Available for iOS and Android.


Fully featured and self-documented command-line tool.

2FA at Organization-level

Enable 2FA via Duo for your entire Organization.

Biometric Authentication

  • Android (fingerprint unlock or face unlock) and iOS (Touch ID and Face ID)
  • Windows Desktop Apps (Windows Hello using PIN, Facial Recognition, and
  • macOS Desktop Apps (Touch ID)
  • Chromium, Firefox 87+, and Safari Browser Extensions

Admin Password Reset

Designated administrators can reset the Master Password of end-user accounts.

Enterprise Policies

Enforce security rules for all users, for example mandating use of Two-step Login.

Event Logs

Get time stamped records of events that occur within your Organization Vault for easy use in the Web Vault or ingestion by other systems.


Public and Private APIs for Organizations.

Command Line Interface

Fully featured and self-documented command-line tool.

Extensibility Support

Automate workflows by combining API and CLI.