Reduce human cyber risk with one comprehensive solution – simplified through automation

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Security awareness training

Drive cyber security awareness
with user-tailored training.

Phishing simulation results v2


Simulated phishing solution

Determine user vulnerability to
sophisticated phishing attacks.

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Email exposure checking tool

Identify and safeguard exposed
employee email accounts.

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Policy management solution

Simplify policy management and
ensure user acknowledgement.


Reduce human cyber risk with one comprehensive
solution – simplified through automation

uLearn enables your organisation to easily deploy continuous security awareness training in the most time-efficient and cost-effective way.

Packed with engaging training content, uLearn crafts user-tailored programmes and eliminates repetitive admin tasks through automation – reducing insider threats, data breaches and ransomware, while meeting the demands of compliance standards such as GDPR and PCI.

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Assess vulnerabilities and build a risk profile

Rapid deployment & automated admin

By enabling the ‘AutoEnrol’ feature, uLearn launches your users’ training instantly and manages admin tasks.

Build courses unique to your organisation

Easily create custom courses unique to your business, all with uLearn’s unique ‘Custom Course Builder’.

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Drive awareness with continuous training

Deliver programmes unique to each user

uLearn identifies initial user infosec vulnerabilities, then prioritises their courses to strengthen these areas first.

Video & Interactive Course Content

Keep your users engaged and maximise knowledge retention with video and interactive content.

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Track progress and demonstrate compliance

Library of infosec & compliance courses

Educate your users on an ever-growing library of information security and compliance-based courses.

Custom Reporting & Weekly Summaries

Assess different departments of your business and obtain weekly progress reports.


Assess user vulnerability to sophisticated phishing attacks

uPhish automates regular phishing assessments alongside your users’ training programme, determining user risk towards common attacks while ensuring training effectiveness.

Your automated feature, AutoPhish, periodically deploys a range of common phishing attacks, tracking real-time compromised rates and highlighting key trends.

(Note – simulations can be automated or deployed manually)

uPhish icon1

Determine user susceptibility to phishing

Automate regular phishing simulations

Enable ‘AutoPhish’ and automate regular simulations (templates and frequency are customisable).

View real-time compromised rates

Gain an insight into how your users interact with phishing attacks in real-time.

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Automate regular phishing assessments

Choose from realistic pre-made templates

uPhish comes with a library of pre-made templates impersonating some of the world’s most trusted brands.

Customise reports and segment user groups

View in-depth reports and segment users based on departments, seniority and more.

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Empower users to combat sophisticated attacks

Easily create custom phishing templates

Easily create custom templates and deploy simulations impersonating internal communications.

Spot common trends & key user insights

Digest your users performance and behaviour over a custom period of time.


Identify and safeguard exposed employee email accounts

With millions of email login credentials exposed online due to third-party data breaches, users with vulnerable accounts could be targeted by social engineering and business email compromise (BEC) attacks.

uBreach quickly identifies which employee accounts are exposed in data dumps, paste sites and hacking forums, as well as which service leaked the user’s details and what sensitive data is available.

uBreach icon1

Identify user accounts that are exposed online

Quickly locate exposed user email accounts

uBreach will rapidly identify which email accounts are at risk – bringing your results back in minutes.

uBreach icon2

Automate continuous exposure checks

Search online data dumps and paste sites

uBreach conducts a deep web investigation into hacking forums, paste sites and data dumps.

uBreach icon3

Educate users on how to keep accounts safe

Obtain full exposure report in minutes

View your organisation’s overall breaches and assess individual account exposures.

Learn what data is publicly disclosed

Identify the exposed data of each user – including usernames, passwords, phone numbers and more.

Automate regular exposure checks

uBreach will automatically run regular exposure checks and update your dashboard for quick viewing.


Simplify policy management and ensure user acknowledgement

Manually updating users on policy updates and chasing signatures is a time consuming, outdated and ineffective approach.

uPolicy simplifies policy communications and user acknowledgement by automating the process – sending policy changes directly to your users’ inbox and tracking who has opened and signed their document.

uPolicy icon1

Automate policy communications

Notify staff of new corporate policies

Have new corporate policies sent directly to your users email inbox.

uPolicy icon2

Ensure user acknowledgement

Update users on policy amendments

Ensure policy updates get communicated by delivering and tracking updated docs via email.

uPolicy icon3

Track signatures and automate reminders

Use pre-made policies or create your own

uPolicy contains a library of pre-made policies, incl. Data Breach Response, Email, Acceptable Use and more.

Upload custom policies

Deliver and track your organisation’s custom policies within uPolicy

Track who has or hasn’t signed

Identify which users have opened your policy document and which have provided a signature.

Human Risk Management

consists of 4 main modules and if you choose to continue after the free trial, there are 2 different subscription levels to choose from:

HRM Core Plan

  • uLearn

a Cloud-Based security awareness training solution that features a core training programme, as well as a growing library of additional information security and compliance modules to choose from that are regularly added and updated.

  • uPhish

a phishing simulator that offers a library of realistic email and landing page templates, as well as letting you build your own.

  • uBreach

a dark web scanner that automatically searches the dark web for compromises of your users’ details.

HRM Advanced Plan

Everything in the Core Plan plus:

  • uPolicy

a policy management tool that simplifies the managing and signing of your policies, in addition to offering a library of infosec policy templates for you to use.

  • Centralised Policies
  • Pre-Made Templates
  • eSign Tracking
  • Self-Service Access
  • Auditor Access
  • New Staff Compliance
  • Version Control
  • Compulsory Policies
  • Email Reminders


advanced reporting for all modules

  • Real-Time Metrics
  • Human Risk Score
  • Phishing Progress
  • Training Progress
  • Course Adoption
  • Weekly Digests
  • Custom Segments
  • Breach Monitoring
  • Easy Auditing
  • Demonstrate growing cyber awareness
  • Export reports and allow auditor access

HRM Core


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HRM Advanced


Per User / Month

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