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“But I’ve never heard of you before”

Well we are a fairly new company but we do have years and years of experience and lots of contacts, partners and suppliers throughout the sector which we have acquired over our time working for other businesses doing the same sort of thing.

We set up Cirrus IT Services (UK) Limited with the sole aim to supply the same services other companies do, supply some services others companies don’t do but customers want or need and to do it all better, putting services before sales.

Specialising in supplying, supporting and servicing SME’s, we want to be a single point of contact for all of your IT and Communication requirements.

Breaking up the Market

Because the telecoms market was operated by one company for so long, many people just know of a few big companies such as BT or TalkTalk. But the privatisation of BT and its division into BT wholesale and BT Retail, as well as the creation of Openreach, allows multiple players onto the market. With more companies, comes more variety as different telecoms businesses aim to satisfy different market needs. As a reseller, we can create the perfect packages and tariffs for our customers so for example if you make lots of international calls to a particular destination, we can create a call package that will have a lower rate for those types of calls tailored to you.

Instilling Confidence

You can be reassured that the only engineers to work on your line will be from Openreach. Openreach services the phone lines and network across the whole country and they work on behalf of every telecoms company, from BT and TalkTalk right down to smaller companies and one-man bands, all on a level playing field.


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