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What is “The Cloud”?

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This phrase “The Cloud” has become so commonplace over recent years that many people are now afraid to ask what it is. As the technology is talked about all the time, most believe that they should already know all about it, so think that asking would make them look silly or uneducated.

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Does your email address reflect your professional image?

How would it look to you if you received a business email from [email protected], Would you take them seriously?

What happens every time you change broadband providers to get the best deal, do you have to keep changing your email address?

Owning your own domain is easy and cheap and you can chop and change broadband providers to whoever you want, whenever you want without worrying about your email addresses changing.

Our most popular package costs just £39.99 per year and includes this massive list of features and guarantees to help you build your website, monitor it’s performance, create multiple email addresses and portray the professional image you want people to see;


  • Instant Account Activation
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • 1 Hour Response Time
  • Uptime Guarantee
  • Daily Data Backup
  • Money Back Guarantee


  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Monthly Traffic Allowance
  • 5 Hosted domains
  • 1 Promo domain registration (com, net, org, info, biz, us, uk,, eu,, ru, es, de,,
  • 800+ Website Themes
  • Online Website Builder
  • 50+ Free Apps Installer
  • Free VPN Access (5 GB)
  • Shared SSL IPs
  • Dropbox/ Google Drive Backups
  • Website Migration
  • SSD Data Caching
  • ZFS Storage
  • ModSecurity
  • Marketing Tools
  • Administration Tools
  • Video Tutorials
  • Online Documentation


  • In-house Built Control Panel
  • Multi-lingual Interface (over 10 languages)
  • Colour Skins


  • 5 Hosted Domains
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited Parked Domains
  • Full DNS Management
  • Custom A and MX Records
  • CNAME Records
  • AAAA/SRV/NS/TXT Records
  • Full Whois Management
  • Registrar Lock Option
  • EPP Transfer Protection


  • 500 Email Accounts
  • Webmail
  • 500 E-Mail Aliases
  • E-Mail Forwarding
  • Auto-responders
  • Catch-all e-mails
  • 15 Mailing Lists
  • Unlimited Mailing List Members
  • Anti-spam Protection
  • SPF Protection
  • DomainKeys Identified Mail
  • Anti-virus Protection
  • Custom MX Records


  • Advanced File Manager
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • FTP Manager
  • Website Manager
  • Custom Error Pages
  • Custom Apache Handlers
  • Custom MIME Types
  • Password Protected Areas
  • URL Redirection Tool


  • FrontPage Extensions
  • Dreamweaver MX Support
  • PHP4/PHP5/PHP6 Support
  • 20 MySQL v.5 Databases
  • Unlimited MySQL Database Storage
  • phpMyAdmin Access
  • 5 PostgreSQL 8.3 Databases
  • 80MB PostgreSQL Storage
  • phpPgAdmin
  • Zend Optimizer
  • Perl 5.8.x
  • Over 3400 Perl Modules
  • ImageMagick & GD Library
  • Python
  • IonCube
  • Server Side Includes
  • SSL Certificate Generator
  • 5 Cron Jobs
  • InnoDB


  • Webalizer Web/FTP Stats

Access Log Manager

  • Error Log Viewer
  • Traffic Stats
  • MySQL Stats
  • Load Stats


  • Stable Linux with Apache
  • 2.5 Gbit Network
  • Help UPS & Diesel Backup Generator


  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Phone Support
  • Live Chat Support
  • Integrated Ticketing System

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What’s in a name?

When setting up a website, choosing the right name can make a huge difference to the amount of visitors you receive so here’s a few tips;

  • Try and choose a name that’s easy to remember and not too long and not too difficult to spell.
  • Try and avoid dashes as these may seem like a good idea until you try and spell out the domain name to somebody over the phone.
  • Choose a top level domain name (TLD) that suits the type of business you are trying to promote, for example, internet based services tend to use .net, UK businesses tend to use and can now use the shorter .uk domain names too.

Take a trip over to our Web Hosting and Domains Portal to see if your perfect name is available now: Web Hosting and Domains Portal