Benefits of the small ISP

It’s about far more than price

Benefits_InvoiceUnderstandable Bills

Lots of big companies make significant profits hiding behind complex bills. Either so that you don’t realise that those “bundled minutes” aren’t actually being consumed, or the fact that your calls are incurring other costs which you weren’t aware of because like most people, you didn’t read the small print (eg connection charges).

Benefits_Daily_InvoiceDaily Itemised Billing

For much the same reason as above, large companies prefer monthly or quarterly billing, and only then do they present to you a “summary” of what you have been spending your money on. We on the other hand provide an online platform allowing you to see full itemised billing, no matter how short the call was.

Friendly_NamesFriendly Names

I know it may sound daft, but when you are managing 10+ lines, understand what each line is for, and whether you need it, or how to account for it, becomes tricky. As a result phone lines can be incorrectly ceased or accounted for. Our control panel allows you to clearly see an allocated friendly name. Simple, but truly helpful to any accounts team.

Multi_Control_PanelMulti Level Control Panel

We can provide a multi-level, permission based, control panel. This can be ideal to allow different departments, or bases, to see and justify their telecoms infrastructure. This was written this for one of the world’s largest companies, and it saved them millions of pounds a year. It puts visibility into the hands of those in the front line, as opposed to be hidden away and not referenced by a head office. There is no additional charge for this.

Month_ContractsOne Month Contracts

1 month contracts are possible on the majority of existing lines. If we don’t live up to our promises, or the savings don’t meet your expectations, then you have the ability to migrate away at any time. Most of our larger competitors can’t afford to do that, as at some point their support or billing processes will let you down, and then back to the call centre for you to deal with. Instead, by contracting you, no doubt with an incentive of sorts, you’re trapped with no service performance clause.

Business_GradeBusiness Grade Network

We operate with a business grade broadband network. What this means is that we recognise that the majority of our customers are businesses. We make sure that during peak hours (which are inherently office hours), that we have ample bandwidth to meet demand. Any slow down in performance is likely to be contention within the exchange, not our network. Thus, regardless of your ISP, the same issue would be witnessed, but we’re not compounding the issue as some ISP do. Business services such as VoIP, accessing web pages and email, are all prioritised traffic on our network, to make sure that they are super fast all the time.


We are a small company, and it is one of our biggest strengths. You can call us up and ask for us by name, regardless of the question. As you well know with any big company that doesn’t happen. You will be placed in a queue and passed from department, to escalation, to management, and all the while the sales guy who promised you the earth can no longer be contacted. This isn’t how we like to be treated, and as a small ISP / telco we will not treat our customers in this manner.

HeartHonest and Transparent

No call connection charges or bundled minutes can be found here. Our billing is honest and transparent with per second billing. There are no hidden costs, instead our full pricing is published and available for view via your control panel at any time. Bundled minutes also don’t make an appearance as all they amount to is a situation where you are paying for something you may not be receiving. They sound great on paper, but are you really making good use of them? Let’s say our calls to UK landlines are 1 pence per minute. If you were to make 10,000 minutes of calls to them, you’re paying £100 to do so which isn’t a great deal, especially as there are no connection charges, rounding to the nearest minute, or any other tricks of our trade to factor in.

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