Single Line PSTN

PSTN are the most common phone lines found in both residential and business premises, with the differences being explained in the care level received and the directory enquiries listing. The single line can be used for ADSL and FTTC to supply broadband connectivity, which can be delivered as a ‘simultaneous provide’ meaning the broadband can activate on the same day as the line installation.

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Multi-line PSTN

A PSTN Multi-line extends the PSTN to multiple sockets allowing you to promote a single number, yet make and receive multiple calls. Its application is very straight forward and can allow you to connect multiple phones to the sockets without the need for a PBX. Should you wish to transfer calls between the various handsets then this is where a PBX can start to handle these calls for you. The moment you need 4+ lines, or you require multiple phone numbers (DDI) you are ready to make the jump to ISDN.

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ISDN lines are primarily purchased by businesses and are capable of supplying voice and basic data services. In order to use them for voice services a PBX needs to be connected to handle the calls and connect them up to phone handsets. Unlike a basic PSTN you can’t simply connect a phone to it. ISDN2 connections, as the name suggests are supplied as pairs of channels (eg 2, 4, 6), they are also capable of supporting DDI numbers, unlike just the one you get with a PSTN line.


These lines are suitable for larger businesses that will need the capacity to grow. Each bearer can support 8 lines as a minimum and 30 maximum per bearer, so this can be expanded to as many as you need for the whole organisation. In much the same way you would with ISDN2 a PBX is required to handle the incoming and outgoing calls.

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Fibre_IconFibre can provide your business with a dedicated connection to the Internet and deliver the ultimate in broadband connectivity. They are not shared or contended with the ICUK network ensuring you get consistently fast broadband connection all day, every day. As well as offering 1:1 contention the speeds are symmetrical, so unlike with ADSL or FTTx the upstream and download speeds are the same. This can open up options to use your connections for more applications.

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Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

EFM_IconEFM technology is perfect for any business that is looking for cost effective, high bandwidth connectivity to the Internet. It sits between ADSL (which can be limiting depending on your location) and a full leased line (which can be prohibitively expensive to small business). It makes use of multiple bonded copper pairs (up to a maximum of 8) providing speeds of up to 35Mbps. These speeds are symmetrical ensuring you have the same up and downstream speeds, making it perfect for VoIP calls or when handling large amounts of data. The multiple bonded pairs also offer resilience, in as much as should one or multiple pairs develop a fault, the connection still operates albeit at a slower speed.

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Generic Ethernet Access (GEA)

GEA_IconGEA uses FTTC and FTTP technologies to provide a non-contended path to the Internet. By 2014 about two thirds of the UK will be able to receive this technology. It’s comparatively low cost to install, speedy delivery times, and higher headline speeds compared to EFM make it a compelling option to consider if it’s available in your area. Unlike fibre leased lines or EFM, it doesn’t benefit from symmetrical speeds for uploads and downloads. It comes in three variations with the ultimate speed being determined by the quality and length of your line in much the same way you would expect from traditional ADSL or FTTC. Where it differs itself is in the consistency of speed as it isn’t subject to contention.

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Cloud Controlled Security as a Service


Bitdefender is the #1 ranked antimalware security product on the market and it is now available as a Service with simple monthly licensing.


Cirrus IT Services (UK) are proud to announce that we are the only Consumer & Business Product Range Certified Bitdefender Partner in the whole of East Lancashire!

Bitdefender Cloud Security is available as part of a managed service agreement with Cirrus IT Services (UK) along with a comprehensive cover package to give you peace of mind, or as a standalone offering for a lot less than you might think considering the features available:

Standalone Service Pricing:

£2.00 per Endpoint, per month (plus VAT) for between 1 and 99 Endpoints
£1.80 per Endpoint, per month (plus VAT) for between 100 and 499 Endpoints
£1.60 per Endpoint, per month (plus VAT) for between 500 and 999 Endpoints
£1.50 per Endpoint, per month (plus VAT) for between 1000 and 4999 Endpoints
£1.40 per Endpoint, per month (plus VAT) for between 5000+ Endpoints

Features include:

  • Antivirus
  • Antimalware
  • Web Filtering and Content control
  • Two-way Firewall with IDS
  • Device Control
  • Browser integration
  • Protection for Windows Desktops, File Servers, Macs, Linux and Microsoft Exchange protection*
  • Remote deployment and uninstall of competitive solutions – Using Windows Network Discovery Bitdefender detects all unprotected computers and allows you to deploy protection. Competitive solutions are uninstalled when deploying the Bitdefender client kit.
  • Granular policies, reports and alerts – The cloud based console enables you to apply different policies for specific groups. A quick status is available through the dashboard or predefined reports.
  • Configurable Roles and Privileges – It’s now easier to map each individual’s responsibility and role within the management console.
  • Optimized Bandwidth Consumption – With the new security relay mechanism, external traffic is minimized by using the local network to distribute updates or deploy new clients.
  • Simple usage-based licensing – We invoice you based on the total number of computers protected each month. It’s easy to sclae up or down each month as necessary with no long term commitment.
  • Control Center console is hosted, so there are no onsite hardware or software requirements for a management server.

*Additional charges apply for Microsoft Exchange protection module

As with most of our services, we can arrange for a free 1 month trial.  Please contact us to arrange this as we will setup an installation package specific to your needs.

Free trials are for 30 days, there is commitment, no card details are required, there is no limit to the number of endpoints you can install the free trial onto and the software is fully featured and not limited in anyway.

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