How to achieve business growth with excellent customer service – all at the same time

Are you limiting business growth to match operational service capacity? Achieving 100% positive customer feedback month on month isn’t easy. How do you grow your business without growing your overheads? How do you meet an increase in demand without additional staff costs? Boosting enthusiasm with new talent while retaining upskilled current staff is a reality at Cirrus IT Services. A new apprentice has brought a renewed energy to our team. Engaging with community projects has also had the same effect.In a series of blogs, we’ll feature the people, the places and the community organisations that we like to support.This Blog is written by our talented young apprentice Tom. In it, he shares his thoughts on Teamwork, Young attitudes to IT, Apprentices and customer service. Tom explains that teamwork in an IT-based workplace is of utmost importance.PIC2“Through teamwork, team members have a sense of unity, increasing productivity and efficiency.A sense of unity can provide team members with a higher level of motivation to improve standards together. Having this united atmosphere and feeling of togetherness increases communication and idea sharing.A united team will help each other to find a solution rather than leaving each other behind. Members of a unified team spur each other on. It is easier to motivate a team, rather than an individual, due to a social construct known as “group think”. Basically what this means is that members of a team are likely to share an idea, a goal, an interest.Teamwork must be backed up with excellent customer service. Effective customer service helps to extend effects beyond the original the goal.Having excellent customer service can lead to increased staff confidence. Treating a customer well – doing everything you can to help your customer – has positive effects on thoughts and feelings. Ultimately, improving staff confidence means that the service provided next time is even better. What is better than hearing a happy and satisfied customer?With customer service comes customer feedback. This feedback may be positive or negative. The better the customer service, the more positive the customer feedback. With better customer feedback, comes more customers and so on.This loop of service and positive feedback gains momentum as it continually expands. Customers who receive excellent service will feel loyal to the organisation and will be less likely to leave or to move to a different organisation.PIC3Through an Apprenticeship scheme, your whole workforce benefits from new energy. After all, an apprentice’s primary goal is to impress and achieve. The development and achievements of an apprentice are enough to spur on other members of the team, making them also want to improve and reach further.You gain some additional benefits with an apprentice. Not only is hiring an apprentice cheaper than recruiting an entirely new member of staff, but it is also much more than that.Apprentices are fresh minded, young individuals who are ready to learn specific areas of work. Shaping their career is an excellent way to build them up to something more significant later on in life, such as managers or team leaders. Managerial roles don’t always need University degrees. Sharing and passing down business knowledge is experience required for the future.PIC4Through accessible technology, young people learn how to manage their daily workload. Most young people have access to PCs or laptops at home. Most also have access to PCs and laptops outside of the home (School, College, Library, WiFi cafés etc.). When interviewing college students and high school students about carrying technology every day, there was a 95% average statistic of mobile phones, wearable technology and so on.As technology is so accessible, some young people’s interaction with it is considered negative – even harmful. However, as modern technology advances and becomes more health considerate and secure, it is being viewed as less negative and more a necessity. Almost all careers require some form of interaction with technology, so knowing how to use it is vital.” If you would like to know more about apprenticeship scheme, who we chose to help us and why it is working so well for us, please get in touch