Could you be missing out?


As we approach our fifth anniversary in business, we’ve been thanking our customers for their custom as we reflect on the massive positive transformation in our organisation over this time!

Could you be missing out on tech-related productivity benefits? Do your employees work away from desks productively? Are you able to avoid big time-wasting tech-related jobs? Do you have impressive technology integration to attract the best new talent to join your team?

Organisational growth

We know that maintaining a happy customer base allows organic organisational growth. Earning the trust of customers provides a direct, measurable increase in order levels as a result.

We want everyone to be aware of how they can benefit from buying products and services from us. Offering a customer-first focus is our number one core value. The best service levels across our existing customer base always come first, so that every new customer can rest assured that we deliver our promises.

We can deliver on price

Please don’t go elsewhere and end up paying much more than you should for something that we know we can deliver better. If we can provide something with our best service standards, then it’s more than likely we can deliver on price.

Just one example of where you might be missing out:

  • We have one of if not THE, most attractive 3CX Telephone System & Unified Communications implementations in the UK.
  • We can typically save you up to 80% of your telephone bill
  • Calls to UK Standard Landline and Mobile numbers are FREE
  • Unlike most providers, we use connectivity from data centres in different geographic areas so that in the event of a problem, failover is automatic
  • All our systems are backed up to a different datacentre every evening and can be restored to any datacentre or a physical machine or virtual server onsite or offsite at any time
  • Advanced Features like call recording and Mobile Clients are all FREE
  • We offer integration with the most popular CRM’s for FREE

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