Working From Home/Bed

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Whether you think the current situation with Covid-19 is media fuelled hysteria or a real threat to the mass population, the truth is that you or your company will be looking into how workers can operate from home if necessary.

We have received a significant increase in requests to setup home working from our own customers so we wanted to give out some good advice that all computer based workers can follow to help them work from a remote location.

Office 365

If you use Office 365 for your company email, you will usually have the ability to access your emails and documents from any Internet Connected Device.

This means you can pick up your tablet and connect to your email and applications using the Office 365 apps for your device (like Outlook and Word) from your tablet’s app store.

You can also access your business Office 365 account by browsing to or go directly to your Outlook Web Access page using

Depending on your subscription, you may also be able to access the Web App versions of the most popular Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, Word or Powerpoint without having to install anything on your device.


3CX users can download the 3CX mobile application for free from their mobile device’s app store, scan their unique extension QR Code and make and take calls from their mobile devices exactly as they would sat at their desks (including all the same queues and group memberships).

Customers will be presented with your office number so they will not be aware that you are working remotely

You can also login to your extension and forward your calls to another number like your home number or a mobile.

If you don’t know how to access your login details or QR Code, just let us or your company contact know and they can resend your welcome email with all of this information included.

If you have a “Simplified” cloud hosted Extension, you can take this home and work from home as long as you have a wired Ethernet internet Connection and Power available for the handset.


Regular remote workers will usually use a VPN to create a Virtual Private Network over a Public Network.

This option isn’t available for everybody but is the secure way of connecting to your company’s network to access network resources that are not ion the cloud.

This option requires a bit of setup and depends on compatible equipment and resources being available.

If you’re not sure if this option is available to you, please just ask.