First Toilet Rolls, then Hand Sanitizer, now Laptops are disappearing fast…

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In these unprecedented times we have seen our supermarket shelves emptied of Toilet Rolls and Hand Sanitizer and now due to the demand of home working solutions, we’re seeing a shortage of Laptops for businesses from all of our usual suppliers.

The demand to work from home has been massive and we have not been able to supply laptops to some of our customers due to a lack of stock.

There are still laptops on sale in some places like Curry’s and PC World BUT these will rarely have the business version of the Operating System that most people will need.

The Business version of Windows 10 is called Windows Professional.

Windows 10 Professional allows a computer to join a domain, which controls access to the computer and applies policy and settings set by your network administrator.

How to use your Desktop at home instead

Some customers have asked us about taking their desktop computers home to work.

The first stumbling block is usually that the computer will use an ethernet cable to connect to the network rather than WiFi.

If you will be setting up your desktop computer close to where your home broadband router is located, then this may not be a problem.

If you cannot set up near the router you will need to enable WiFi.  If the computer does not support WiFi you can buy a USB WiFi adapter for around £10 – £20.

We have used these devices in the past quite successfully:


150Mbps Wireless N Nano USB WiFi AdapterTL-WN725N

You can but these from places like Argos or Amazon but if you get stuck, we have a few left in stock here.

Once you’re connected you may still need to have a VPN connection back to the office, but this depends on your setup and what you need access to.

Using another PC

You can however use another PC, even a low powered device like a chrome book.

You can setup a VPN back your office using an application and then use another application to allow you Remote Desktop access to your normal computer at work.

This way the computer screen is locked, and you have access to the keyboard, mouse and screen remotely and because the computer is still in the office, it can access everything as normal including all of your applications and shared drives.

If you need any help please get in touch.