Ransomware Cyber-Attack Information

It will not have escaped your attention that Friday 12th May 2017 an unprecedented large scale cyber-attack has been causing widespread mayhem across more than 150 Countries and affecting thousands of organisations, including the NHS.
This attack has been all over the news and there has been lots of differing advice passed on from multiple sources, leaving people confused and concerned.  This information is intended to help clarify the situation and reassure computer users on how they can protect themselves from becoming a victim.

The Facts:

  • The ransomware variant is called WannaCry or WannaCrypt
  • WannaCrypt exploits a vulnerability in Windows XP, Windows 8, and Windows Server 2003, it does not currently affect Windows 10 Computers
  • This vulnerability can be patched by applying Microsoft Patch MS17-010
  • Microsoft have published guidance on this issue here
  • This security patch was released in March, so if you regularly apply windows updates as recommended, you are most likely protected from this particular malware strain.
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Exploits like this can evolve so please do be extra cautious when opening attachments or clicking links in emails.
Our Managed Service Customers with Mail Filtering can open emails captured by the filter safely with the Links Disabled to try and determine whether they are genuine or not.
Cirrus IT Service’s Managed Services Customers benefit from multiple layers of security:

  • The Most Accurate Spam Filter on the Internet, with Virus Checking
  • Antivirus
  • Antimalware
  • Web Filtering and Content control
  • Two-way Firewall with IDS
  • Device Control
  • Browser integration
  • Ransomware Vaccine

General Security Advice:

  • If you’re not sure on the validity of an email, don’t risk it, contact the sender first
  • Look out for Spelling Mistakes, messages from amzn.co.uk are unlikely to be genuine messages from Amazon
  • Set your computer to automatically apply Windows security updates
  • Make sure you use multiple layers of security, e.g. Spam filtering, Antivirus and web protection
  • Do Not install more than one antivirus application on the same PC as this can affect the correct operation of each package
  • Keep your security software updated, free software can be good and is better than nothing but professional solutions offer better protection